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Bottoms up!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

That’s it! Today was the last exam of my Uni life – ever! Well, unless something major happens or I decide to continue my studies further. But basically.. all I have left to do is the masters thesis. And that is something I will work on this upcoming spring. I can’t believe I almost have a Masters Degree in Computer Science [jinx]. It felt like just yesterday when I was struggling with “Is this what I really want to study? Everyone’s already so PRO here, and ├╝ber-nerdy!” – many times bursting to tears over exhaustion and overwhelmness in the evenings. Do I still feel like I don’t fit in? Hell yeah! But I’ve grown up a lot in these 5 years. I don’t have to be like them to be able to study here. Let them be pro. Let them play WoW and discuss about how they’ve been coding since they were 9 years old. All power to them then!

What else, what else.. had an interesting weekend awhile back when I was visiting Tampere (city) with a friend while my brother was in Paris and my dad in New York. Yup, my family really was “all over the world” during that weekend :D! Dad brought me Wonderstruck (perfume by Taylor Swift) as a souvenir. It isn’t yet available outside of USA, so I asked if he would bring me a sample if he could find it. He actually bought a box-set including the 100ml fragrance bottle, some smaller sample bottles, body lotion, bath gel & shirt. Oh and an air freshner. I, fortunately, absolutely love the scent of it! I read reviews about it being “too strong”. But it’s just perfect for me. I don’t like the sugary sweet flower fragrances that much. I want there to be a hint of..uhm, masculinity in the scent. (I guess now is not the time to tell the story of how and why I’ve got a whole bottle of Chanel’s Platinum Egoiste in my bathroom..and yeah, it’s for men)

Why oh why, is there no snow in Southern Finland? It’s almost Christmas!! I do love the christmas lights of Helsinki, Finland. But it just doesn’t feel the same without the snow. Also, it’s much easier to stand the cold when there is snow. Otherwise the cold is just.. pointless.

Have you for a favorite perfume?
Do you get snow where you live?

[title from the kick-ass Nickelback song "Bottoms Up"]


Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Oh gosh, it’s November already! Time flies when you are having fun. Although this autumn hasn’t been all fun and games. School takes up a lot of my time, or if not time – energy. Most times when I get home from Uni (and don’t go to work or hang out with friends) I do whatever homework I have to do and for the rest of the evening I just sit infront of the TV, watching nonsense. Not very productive.

Last week was a true “movie week” with 3 visits to the movie theather. The new “Fame” movie was sweet. Although I think it was a bit boring at times, but the dancing and singing numbers were top notch. “This Is It” was amazing aswell. There were people crying, clapping and screaming Love You Michael!. “Julie & Julia” was sweet – and it made me hungry.

It has been snowing again. I love snow. Not that I enjoy the cold weather much, but snow makes everything bearable. In my opinion everything that includes the word “snowflake”, is a good thing! I recently even purchased a necklace with a tiny snowflake charm.

“No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.”

I got two new autographs on the mail today! I’ll make a new post soon, with photos. Any guesses on which two actors sent me their autographs?