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The Positive Week

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The year has changed. And although 2012 is will be wonderful – because it’s really up to me to make it so, isn’t it – I’ve been sort of down lately. I’ve got this coping method for it though. It’s that if I can find just a single “sign from the universe” per day that “life is good afterall”, then I can manage. It’s that sort of thing that – if you’re sitting on a bus (feeling slightly sad maybe?) and watching the cars go by and you see a car with the license plate being something like “LUV” or “HEY” whatever “word” that just hits you. I like to think that as a sign of.. hey, everything’s cool, right. So it’s the little things that you should be aware of – to look for.

Stop, listen, see! So here’s how my last week was “universe” wise:

Monday January 2nd: The guy at the bank was really helpful & sweet to me.
Tuesday January 3rd: Was waiting for a bus and saw a young guy help out an old lady who was having a hard time getting on the bus (with all the ice & snow being so slippery on the street). Made me smile.
Wednesday January 4th: Went to get a “take-away” salad and the queue at the cafĂ© was very long. However, I got served right as I stepped into the queue and the waitress even opened up a 2nd cash register just so I could pay my salad right away and be off my way. Usually I’ve had to wait until the “normal” queue is done so I can pay my take-away meal. Win!
Thursday January 5th: Woke up when a friend texted me “Come out for a jog?!” – and of course I went.
Friday January 6th: Caught up with the one that went away.
Saturday January 7th: Went to play laser tag with a group of friends. And a dinner. And a movie.
Sunday January 8th: Begun The Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred” challenge.

Other than that. My days go by with me writing my masters thesis, exercising, planning my trip to Japan (and adventure to Australia) and… that’s about it! In less than 2 months I’ll be in Japan! In a few months I’ll be more fit! In 6 months I’ll be ready with my thesis and my Aussie-plans! And you know what. Today, I’m much happier than I was on monday when I begun “writing” this blog entry. So my “method” of trying to be positive worked. Though, of course – tomorrow is a new day and it might be good or bad. We’ll see. But I’ll try to find something positive in it.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?