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Inspiration is everywhere

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

I’m a sponge when it comes in general. I feel that every opportunity is an opportunity to take. If a friend is asking me to come and watch a movie of which I’ve never ever heard of before I usually grasp the moment and go. I don’t question the fact that the movie really isn’t the type of genre I normally watch – I just want to experience new things. Same goes with a band, concert, weekend vacation or anything else. Of course if there’s money involved I have to think for a split second before I promise to “throw my money away”. Then again, usually it’s not money down the drain because the experiences and new inspiration I get from experiencing totally “out of my world” activities are such a kick!

CSI – Episode 220 “Cats in The Cradle”

Sanders: “I’m like a sponge, I just absorb information.”
Grissom: “i thought that was MY line”
Sanders: “Yeah, and I absorbed it.”
[link to the videoclip]

I’ve recently chatted with a friend who I completely trust to always have good advice when I have worries or questions that I’m going over in my head. There’s always this new band or tv show that this friend can recommend to me right then and there, which just hits the spot dead on – it’s like we have the same sense of humour but also the same “deep” dark moods and the perfect medicine for such moods.

I feel very lucky to have friends who are almost all nothing like me. We are all so different, going to different schools, working on different fields, listening to different kinds of music. They make my life so rich because I’m not just stuck to that one mold but exposed to all areas of the world. I may have some thing in common with someone and another thing in common with someone else. I guess all I want to say is… friends are a bliss. And mine are more than what I could have ever wished for ♥.

So here’s a list of my recently absorbed things (some are totally me, and some I’m surprised to actually LIKE because they’re sooo different from what I usually spend my time on):

  • Adele (amazing singer, amazing music!)
  • The Reign of Kindo (jazz, blues, rock band for those mellow days)
  • ♥ Kim Hyun Joong “Break Down” (love the dancing!)
  • QI (a hilarious and intelligent british comedy show)
  • The Pretty Reckless (this 16-year old’s angst is something I can sometimes relate to)

Have you found something “new” lately? Perhaps a song, person, clothing brand, style… that you thought you’d never ever like/listen to/wear but to your surprise – you do now.