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A Drop in The Ocean

Monday, August 29th, 2011

It’s raining. Oh what a monday :) I’m actually on a weirdly good spirits today. Why? No idea!! I feel like someone has slipped me a happy pill. I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, near a huge window, watching as the rain pours down. It looks gray and cold outside and all I can think of is “haha, I just went for a 1-hour walk and it didn’t rain then!” I’m also giggling at myself because I am in the process of adding all 3 of the Twilight movies on my external hard drive. YES! I find this (and myself) ridiculously amusing. (running out of “joker” adjectives here, soon.. help!)

So today I woke up early and went to do some “neccecities shopping”. School is starting again next week and I needed to stock up some specific things that might be difficult to find from a normal grocery store (when I don’t have the time to go for a hunt for a certain prouct at a certain mall, you know). Then the rest of the day I’ve just been exersizing, crafting and listening to music (and trying to avoid eating junk!).

Though. I feel like I need a “eating junk & watching junk” day. So.. as long as I don’t get an invite to work in the next couple of hours.. tomorrow will be another “day off” AND.. my (giggling here again folks) idiotically brilliant plan is to fetch me some McNuggets and have a Twilight movie marathon. What a high-quality day it’s going to be food and entertainment wise :D! (are you sensing the irony in my voice?)

Ok. Now I’m starting to annoy myself. Stop smiling! Stop finding everything hilarious! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TODAY? Please someone get me out of this mood and get me back to that “the glass is half empty” -vibe that I’m so used to.

What’s your mood at the moment?
Your favorite movie of the 3 Twilight movies (if any)?

ps. Yum, yum, yum. OK BYE!