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24 is not a number

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s my 24th birthday today. When I was 23 I thought that was the most perfect age to be..ever. But so far this first day after being 24 years on this planet hasn’t been too bad. In fact, the last months of 23 and future months of 24 look to be very interesting.

I wrote on New Year’s how my life changed SO much last year. 2011 has not brought as many spectacular changes (or perhaps that still remains to be seen), but 2012 definately will. So I try my best to enjoy the Autumn, and wait for the Spring and Summer. Trying to gather up my thoughts and plans for the future – graduating, traveling..

24 is not a number, it’s something completely different – like a state of mind. Christmas Eve is on the 24th and in Finland that is the “magical evening” of christmas when we got to open our xmas packages as kids. So I hope this year will be “magical” for me. And if this year is the “December 24th” of my life then it means that December 31st and the “new year” or rather a “new chapter in my life” is just around the corner. Sweet!

I’d like to share an idea for you guys – well actually some inspiration that I read from thoughtcatalog.

We spend much of our lives practicing our social skills and we’ve been conditioned, in some ways, to think that there’s a time and a place for everything we could possibly want to say. We’re concerned about how others might react if we let them know how we feel in what we perceive as the wrong context. So we hold it all in. And, as a result, we will never say the wrong thing at the wrong time—we will never have moments of awkwardness. We can avoid those moments that can seem devastating when they happen…

But we also miss out on the chance to connect with people. We miss out on the chance to tell others how they’ve affected our lives. We miss out on the chance that they might feel the same way about us. There are so many things that we choose to keep to ourselves; things that we’re sometimes dying to share with others and… I don’t know, I just think that it’s a tragedy that we choose not to. And I think it’s a tragedy that this choice is almost a knee-jerk reaction because we live in a society where we prefer to be ignorant if the truth doesn’t confirm something we already want to hear.

Don’t miss out on your opportunities. Do, say/speak/tell & live!
Have you got any big plans/dreams for the “near” future?

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Don’t you just love coincidences? I see life as a.. hmm, something that tries to cheer you up if you’re feeling sad. Actually, some call it “god”, but I just call it good karma, or “spirit of the world”. If you’re having a really bad day, you might not be in the mood to see the signs. But usually, if you keep your senses open, life is just full of wonderful surprises and coincidences. Sort of like the feeling you get when you realize that a co-worker knows your childhood friend really well – the “it’s a small world” effect. Yesterday morning I was on my way to work, tired, but happy that I’d have the next few days off. From the bus window I watched cars passing by and one of those cars had a license plate that had the letters YFC on it. Doesn’t say much? To me it does! YFC was the “Yellow Fried Chickenz” tour of Gackt, which I went to this past summer. Somehow the license plate instantly cheered me up and kept me happy throughout the day.

Then, when I got home after work, there was a postcard and a package waiting for me. The postcard was from a dear friend of mine who is currently in France as an exchange student. She wished me happy birthday and apologized that the congratulations came so late (my birthday was a month ago). The package was from my old penpal from Tokyo. Guess what was inside it! A greeting card and a birthday present!

Again, what a coinsidence it is, that two people, who have no link to each other (except me) happened to send me a late birthday wish, both which I received on the exact same day. Like my friend wrote in the card – “You’re lucky because now you can celebrate your birthday twice. Today being the 2nd day!

Today I had a friend come over and we rented Precious, which I think was a really interesting and tragic movie. Now I’m off to my parents’ house to spend the evening there. I’ve got a day off tomorrow and am going to get my hair cut & dyed so.. nothing better to do tonight than to go and watch tv with my mom & dad ;)

Are you waiting for some album to come out? I’m thinking about maybe getting Taylor Swift‘s latest album “Speak Now”. I also can’t wait for My Chemical Romance‘s and Josh Groban‘s new albums. Both being released in November. How about you?

And what a night it was…

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Hey-oo! It happened to be my birthday on tuesday and this year it happened to be an extra fun one. Usually I have a birthday party where I invited all my friends over. This year I had to hold a housewarming party and decided to make it a housewarming/bday party. So actually, we celebrated my birthday at the very beginning of September, with my friends.

However. On monday the 20th, a day before my birthday, me and my lovely friend T went out to try some Korean cuisine – to Korea House, Finland’s only Korean restaurant. The food was good. Nothing too special (or different from chinese food) but it was exciting to try kimchi. It was…interesting to say the least. Very spicy or…well, difficult to describe but it was definately burning my throat as it went down… ;)

Before eating we went to Purikura Photobooth place to take some lovely photos of ourselves. Very much an “asian” day for us!

As for desert we decided to go to Fazer Café. Yummylicious (but expensive) coffee shop where we got a special kind of Marianne Hot Chocolate (Marianne = Mint Chocolate Candy) and huge slices of rasberry chocolate cake. Yum! Needless to say we felt pretty full and SWEET after eating all of that!

On my actual birthday (Sep.21st) after I had survived a boring morning at school I decided to stay overnight at my parents’ house. I know they didn’t have anything special planned for me but I wanted to plan something special for them – and so I baked a cake.

As I am typing this, I am still at my parents’ house. I’m sick with the flu. I’ve been feeling really tired for a week now but yesterday evening the actual “flu” part really kicked in. Got a box of tissues beside me and I am aching all over. It’s not fun being sick. Not one bit.