Inspiration is everywhere

I’m a sponge when it comes in general. I feel that every opportunity is an opportunity to take. If a friend is asking me to come and watch a movie of which I’ve never ever heard of before I usually grasp the moment and go. I don’t question the fact that the movie really isn’t the type of genre I normally watch – I just want to experience new things. Same goes with a band, concert, weekend vacation or anything else. Of course if there’s money involved I have to think for a split second before I promise to “throw my money away”. Then again, usually it’s not money down the drain because the experiences and new inspiration I get from experiencing totally “out of my world” activities are such a kick!

CSI – Episode 220 “Cats in The Cradle”

Sanders: “I’m like a sponge, I just absorb information.”
Grissom: “i thought that was MY line”
Sanders: “Yeah, and I absorbed it.”
[link to the videoclip]

I’ve recently chatted with a friend who I completely trust to always have good advice when I have worries or questions that I’m going over in my head. There’s always this new band or tv show that this friend can recommend to me right then and there, which just hits the spot dead on – it’s like we have the same sense of humour but also the same “deep” dark moods and the perfect medicine for such moods.

I feel very lucky to have friends who are almost all nothing like me. We are all so different, going to different schools, working on different fields, listening to different kinds of music. They make my life so rich because I’m not just stuck to that one mold but exposed to all areas of the world. I may have some thing in common with someone and another thing in common with someone else. I guess all I want to say is… friends are a bliss. And mine are more than what I could have ever wished for ♥.

So here’s a list of my recently absorbed things (some are totally me, and some I’m surprised to actually LIKE because they’re sooo different from what I usually spend my time on):

  • Adele (amazing singer, amazing music!)
  • The Reign of Kindo (jazz, blues, rock band for those mellow days)
  • ♥ Kim Hyun Joong “Break Down” (love the dancing!)
  • QI (a hilarious and intelligent british comedy show)
  • The Pretty Reckless (this 16-year old’s angst is something I can sometimes relate to)

Have you found something “new” lately? Perhaps a song, person, clothing brand, style… that you thought you’d never ever like/listen to/wear but to your surprise – you do now.

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47 Responses to “Inspiration is everywhere”

  1. Tina says:

    Well, recently I’ve been discovering new things from a lovely French singer called Shy’m. Love her voice and songs (especially Prendre L’Air and Je Sais). I don’t hear much French music, discovered her on Spanish MTV last year during my class trip and her name just stuck to my head ever since.

    I also like the Pretty Restless. Since You’re Gone and Light Me Up is love. <3 I'm not a fan of Taylor Momsen, I think that if she didn't try so hard to be so hardcore, she could really be "legendary" – she certainly has the voice for it.

  2. Kaydee says:

    Ah I have those dreams too. I always have ideas but I can never put them onto my site lol

  3. BEBE says:

    I agree.. I have the same friends as yours… and having them makes me feel sooo overwhelmed and happy! :) I love to explore out the world as much as I can too! There’s a lot to learn out there.. and that’s how I perceive things.. :D

    P.S. I also love to listen to Adele’s songs! <3

  4. Clare says:

    This post is so inspiring. It is so good you are able to surround yourself with such great people!
    p.s. I love Adele!

  5. Moni says:

    I sometimes wish I had that feeling again, to be with my friends…I just feel like nowadays I just have no time to be social like I used to…a lot of factors help also, like going to the same college, being not to far away from each other and since I got married all that just went down the drain….I do miss it so Im hoping I do get to see my friends again. Oh yes Shiri, Ive also added you to my blogroll =D xoxo

  6. Tricia says:

    Trying new things is really healthy! And yeah, it’s really nice to be surrounded by people with different interests because you can share things with them and at the same time, learn. :)

  7. Sage says:

    I found a new font I like haha. I am a sponge myself. I soak every little bit of information I can find … Keeps my brain ticking over and sane :-)

  8. Jessica says:

    I think it’s good that you’re like this! I’m sure you’ll be able to get more out of life :) I, personally, am wary when it comes to new things. Sigh. I just worry too much and it often prevents me from trying new things. I should change that! xp

    It’s awesome that you have such good friends! And, as far as your list of things goes, I looooooove Adele! Her voice is amazingly beautiful c:

  9. Your friends sounds amazing. =) I do know what you mean about jumping at the opportunities, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

    Something “new” to me that I’ve started to enjoy is swimming. Not just being in the pool, but actually swimming. It gives you a crazy workout. Haha.

  10. Dipika says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love Kpop…commenting about your previous blog I do think a lot of songs/music sounds familiar and although some of them try to make changes to make it slightly unique a lot of them are just copied right off the bat. Nevertheless I think people who can take a piece and improve it should be appreciated :3. My current favorite song is Oh yeah ~ MBLAQ ( I love the song and the MV.

    Commenting about your recent post, it is awesome that you can get inspired from everything! I have a lot of different friends too and so it is always nice to learn about new things from them! Friends are what keeps me going besides my family <3

    I love Kim Hyun Joong's Breakdown…the other song Please is very good too.

    Actually I didn't like the Korean band B2ST as much before…I still liked them but they were not among my favorites. But after listening to their latest song Fiction I changed my mind. I really like their new song and changed my opinion about the group to quite an extent. Also this isn't all that recent but I used to hate broccoli once upon a time…now I like it XD.

  11. tiff says:

    Yep, the world needs more people like you.

    I love that you’re so open-minded and willing to try and experience unfamiliar grounds.

    And I can’t agree with you more on having friends with different backgrounds. Honestly, life is not interesting when you have friends who agree with everything you say and share a lot of common interests. That’s just, being boring and safe. People need to go out of their comfort zones and interact with different place.

    Also, Adele and The Pretty Reckless!!! I love them too. They are my new obsession. :)

  12. Cat says:

    I think it’s great that you’re so open to new things. I wish more people were like that. My favorite things to discover are new bands and new foods XD My recent “new” thing is a band called The Naked and Famous.

  13. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love that you’re so open-minded. I’m the same way, and I wish everyone could be like us. It really upsets me when, for example, a die-hard metal fan refuses to give anything else a chance. I know a couple people like that; unfortunately they do exist, haha. I love finding new things to enjoy. Life would be boring if I didn’t! I wouldn’t say I’m a sponge, per se, but I’m definitely very open-minded. :)

  14. nyuu says:

    I like people who are like sponges LOL I want to be more of sponge, but I’m very introverted so it’s hard to do spur of the moment things.

    Adele is amazing indeed :D

  15. ida says:

    i love getting new experiences, that’s why i want to travel and see the world for all it’s worth! it’s really inspiring, and i love meeting new people from new cultures and countries. that’s definitely experiences worth living for!! :D

    i haven’t found out something “new” about myself lately, but about two years back in time i discovered i liked punk-rock and alternative rock. i didn’t know, i usually listened to the complete opposite genres so it was such a shock that i liked it :D

  16. Catherine says:

    I am usually the same way. In my opinion, you only live once, so I mostly like to just grab every opportunity to do… anything… that comes across. I usually am ready to give a lot of things a chance. At time though, I will be a bit more wary/cautious about things.

    Oh I really like Adele. :) I’m no as obsessed with her as many people are these days though. I’ve seen a lot of her interviews and she seems hilarious. I love The Pretty Reckless too! Which is interesting because I usually don’t listen to much rock music, yet I love their songs!

  17. Sarah says:

    There’s something about this post that made me go, “…this is so like me and my friend Nalet.”

    We both have a thing for anything Korean – music, TV shows, films, food. We both love japanese animated films – especially the ones that came out in the 80′s and 90′s. We both want to be ninjas. We both live in the internet (LOL).

    PS. thanks for dropping by my site.

  18. mayra says:

    ah i wish i was more like you, i don’t usually go do something new to experience.. I have to know a lot about it before i give it a chance XD

    Haha those lines from CSI are hilarious, i love that show.

    One thing that did surprised me a few weeks ago is that i never in a million years think i would like country music. I been saying “i like all kinds of music except country” for years now and a few weeks ago i was listening to the radio online and for some weird reason i decided to search for a country station and i came across one that i felt in love with, they play the most newest songs and WOW i can honestly say that country is one of my favorite genres now.

  19. Trisha says:

    My friends and I are very different, but that leads to arguments sometimes…like with Twilight (out of the four of us, I’m the only one who hates it).

    I’ve been too busy to really discover anything new, but I’ve fallen in love with The Game of Thrones TV show and started reading the series. I’ve also begun to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  20. Cher says:

    I love trying out new things too! I think it’s the nerd in me, but I just feel like I’ve got to know a bit more about everything.
    Hahahahah Grissom. I used to love CSI but it seemed a little less cool once I started watching Bones teehee.

    I completely agree with having friends that are very different. My best friends are complete opposites of me beside our humor. Everything we like (except for food) is completely different and we mutually introduce new things to each other and it’s like a little media expedition.

    I really like Adele too! Right now, I’ve just been focusing on the alternative and indie music, such as Bon Iver, OH Land, The Icarus Account, and etc. Recently, I’ve rediscovered Pokemon tv shows and they’re the cutest things ever. I love them! :D

  21. Esme says:

    My friends really instead only invite people they think are interested in a certain genre of movie or event, they don’t invite everyone… so basically I never get invited to things I actually want to go and is different to what I usually do.
    I love experiencing new things though, I always do with my sister :P.
    I love Adele right now as well, I always have but my love for her grew even more recently :D

  22. Clarisse says:

    I’m trying to make it a habit to write down anything that inspires me or any ideas that come to mind since, more often than not, the thought just slips away when I don’t.

    I’m not usually a risk taker, so I’m not exactly the quickest to agree to doing something different, but I do love being around people who aren’t like me. It’s refreshing to hear different thoughts and ideas every now and then.

    Adele is amazing! My love for her isn’t exactly new though, haha. Well, for once, I’m actually enjoying the first few days of school, if that counts. I’ve been fiddling with the piano quite a bit lately, though my mom’s the piano player of the family and not me. I’ve been loving the color orange now. Nothing in particular comes to mind though.

  23. Liv says:

    I wish I had your attitude towards things. Even when I’m ordering movies on HBO, which cost about $5 each, I feel like I’m wasting it if the movie turns out so bad.

    My friends and I tend to have the same interests… that’s what get us talking. Because I don’t like to talk about the one universal girl interest – boys.

    I never heard Kim Hyunjoong’s song … probably because I am hating him for beating the crown that was supposed to be FT Island’s since B2ST went offstage.

  24. Minna says:

    I’m very much like that too – spur of the moment and go with the wind and nevermind reckless! I love impulsivness. I do, I do, I do! But I can’t say I have absorbed much lately. More than rain and candle light. And that has always been there.

    One thing that I didn’t think about me, was that I was actually going to miss the midnight sun.

  25. Karlee says:

    My friends are all different too. Sometimes I find myself wondering how we all became friends. We all have a different ethnicity (of my two closest friends, one is african american, and the other is hispanic while I’m very white) and we all have different interests and backgrounds. It’s great having such diverse friends, because you really do experience a lot of new things. :)

    I can’t say I love experiencing new things though. I’m always the one who is hesitant to change. But I do soak up information like a sponge. I love learning, and that’s a good trait I suppose. I have a head full of useless facts that nobody cares about. xD

    Yes, glee is wonderful! :D So great.
    That’s true. But if you ask my friends, they’ll even tell you that I’m pretty quiet. It takes me some time to really open up to a person. But once I do, I’m not really shy anymore. :)

  26. Gee says:

    I love your attitude on life! I’ll probably try and sponge some of it up, hehe!

    All my friends have different personalities, which is awesome, because I can relate to all them on a different level :D

    & I love Adele, her voice sends shivers down my spine!

    I have recently rediscovered my love for colours at :D I recommend it, it’s just such a lovely environment!

  27. Soi says:

    I’ve recently discovered Maddi Jane who covered rolling in the deep by Adele — so double win for me!

  28. Paige says:

    Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be willing to look for it! I agree that Adele is an amazing source of inspiration. Her music is just amazing. I usually find inspiration in music or on deviantart. :)

  29. Gabi says:

    I desire to be a sponge, but I’m really not. Part of the problem is that my friends aren’t very diverse. I have one friend who I can share music and movies and TV with and really gain something from the experience. My other friends are stuck in a rut with regards to taste, and I’m not a fan of their particular rut. If I’m looking for something new, I usually have to venture out on my own, which can be difficult. How can I find anything if I don’t know where to start? With music, I’ve gotten better. iTunes has all those recommendations and such to keep me busy with new artists. With movies and TV, I do fairly well on my own since I watch TV all day and can easily flip the channel to something different. Books, I’m lost. I never know where to go with books, so I end up rereading the same ones.

  30. Jayy says:

    I could have sworn I already commented on this blog. I definitely have read it already, but I can’t find my comment. I only say this because I wouldn’t want to write essentially the same thing and have you have to reread it. :p

    Most of me and my friends are similar, but that’s a lot because I met them all through band. So we all like the same kind of music, we’re already pretty much the same religion (but that’s just because of where we live), we all enjoy the same kinds of things… and I love that. I love finding people that you have so much in common with, because it’s easy to connect with them. But I get what you mean about having friends with different tastes. It definitely is a good way of experiencing new and different things.

    thank you.(: i really like yours, as well.

    ahh, Pretty Little Liars. It’s not exactly that it’s a GOOD show, but the guys in it are so attractive, and the story line keeps you guessing. It’s interesting enough that I don’t even care that the acting is only adequate and that the characters are all so similar and not well defined and that the drama is annoying and unrealistic. Ha, I’m making it sound like a bad show, but it really isn’t. I hope you do get it in Finland.

  31. Nugget says:

    My circle of friends is quite mixed. Some of them are so much like me, and others are completely different. We still have fun conversations, and I always discover new things because our differences. It’s a good thing that I’m not super picky.

    Something that I’ve recently liked is Katy Perry and the CSI shows. I never thought that I would like Katy Perry because she sings pop. I’ve only ever liked one or two songs by her, and now I’m listening to almost every song she’s sung. As for CSI, I always assumed that it was boring, but then I stumbled upon an episode of the original series on TV and was hooked.

  32. Kendra says:

    So true. It’s never a waste of money when you get a good experience out of it!

    It’s always a good thing to have friends that aren’t anything like you. It changes things up a bit, makes you see outside your own little world. My friends in high school were always so much more showy than I was and loud. I was always the more quiet one. It really helped me in the end to be a more rounded person. I now feel normal and not like I’m on one extreme end of the spectrum.

  33. Gloria says:

    I wish I was more of a sponge. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be open to so many new opportunities. However I’ve found that with the last couple months of work and finishing up University my life has been very much a dull routine. I’m hoping that will change as soon as I’m done and move. I’m looking forward to starting anew in a brand new city.

    I think you are incredibly lucky to have the sort of friends you do. I’m rarely in touch with anyone who isn’t in the same program as me (Computer Science). It’s also one that is dominated by males and being a female I’ve been missing that “girl time.”

    One of the new things I’ve been recently introduced to is the song If I Die Young by The Band Perry. I listen to a wide range of music but I tend to stay away from music that is more country-ish, but now I’m a little bit obsessed. :)

  34. Helene says:

    Thanks! :D
    Haha, I love the fact that you quoted CSI. I love it! And cute blog entry.. Really made me think :)

  35. Erica says:

    I really wish I was more financially able to live like you- I would love to just try out a movie that’s not my normal style but I can’t justify spending $8 on something I’m not sure I will even like. I’m anxiously awaiting the next Harry Potter movie, and the last movie I saw in cinema was a Harry Potter film as well.

    And gosh, I can’t tell you how much I would like to go to a show of a band I’ve never heard of before, but I would NEVER be able to drop $30 to see some folks on stage that may completely stink (in my opinion).

    But it’s nice that you get to, and I’m glad you take advantage of that. So many people have opportunities they just let slip them by, time and time again. They float through life like a lump of crap, never trying anything outside of their comfort zone.

    (The Reign of Kindo = radical, thanks for sharing.)

  36. Veronica says:

    Wow! Reading this blog post made me so inspired to go out and do something new myself. Personally, I’m someone who does not go well with change. I like things to be the same all the time, otherwise I become very nostalgic too often. Like, whenever ordering food at a restaurant, I always get the same thing because I’m too scared to try anything else! That’s a good analogy for how I feel with life in general… :’)

    My friends are somewhat like me and somewhat not, so sometimes if I need them to agree with me or be on my side, they will, or if I want them to enlighten me to new perspectives, they can do that too. It’s like the best of both worlds!

  37. Lissy says:

    Having friends who are very different can be awesome. My best friend at work is from Afghanistan and hearing her take on things sometimes can be fascinating.

    I recently started reading young adult novels and I’m eating them up like candy. The love stories in these things are so sweet.

  38. Ashley says:

    I never looked at it that way before. I have a lot of friends that are some what like me, than I have others that are totally different which is good. Who would want to be friends with people did everything you did and wasn’t original? It would be a pretty boring experience.

    That is awesome you have friends like that however. It makes life a bit more enjoyable which makes sense that you jump at every opportunity. I enjoy going out with my friends and I as well also jump opportunity to do new things with my friends. :)

    I also wanted to mention that I really like your layout. :D

  39. Shelly says:

    Hm, I’d say I’m a pretty “absorbent” person when it comes to my surroundings…but it is as you say, usually I turn down things that I need to spend money on since I’m on a pretty tight budget. *shakes fist at college* If I had the resources, I would totally be doing the same though. I generally find alternatives though, I would say I’m really into checking out new music and books (when I get the chance). I’m absolutely in love with Adele right now. =) Recently, now that I’m just sitting at home…I’ve gotten REALLY into holistic and natural medicine, trying to change my diet and taking a lot more supplements and things to try and regulate my system that has since been destroyed by crazy eating habits during school.

  40. Sydney says:

    It’s hard for me to branch out of my comfort zone because it makes me feel very awkward. I know they say “try new things” and everything, but I’m one of those people who (when presented with something new) tends to be overly awkward and uncomfortable. It drives me absolutely insane! Especially when money is involved. I feel like I’m not going to like it without even trying it, and spending my money on it would be worthless. So kudos to you for being able to try new things!

    I absolutely love Adele. <3 She has such great music. I have such diverse playlists when it comes to music: I have the "hardcore" bands like A Day to Remember, the more pop punk bands like All Time Low, the occasional pop band like 3OH!3 or some Akon, and then more mellow/jazzy stuff like Adele. It works with my moods, though. :) My music library is more diverse than anything I have. Also my movie library: I have action, sci-fi, autobiographies, chick flicks, fantasy stuff…It's crazy honestly.

    Yet I can't even try new foods. :S

  41. Deanna says:

    I’ve recently heard the song by The Pretty Reckless and it’s really good. I haven’t heard their other stuff so I can’t say if I’m a fan yet or not. I wish I had friends like yours. Most of my friends are all into similar things. I would love to have more variety in my life.

  42. jennifer says:

    I am an open person, I like to try new things. However, I often don’t like to try new things. I like it, but I don’t. I find some new experiences can be scary. So I try to avoid them.

    At the same time, I like to try new things. However, I usually have to be “ready” to face something new. Even if its just like trying a new flavor of icecream. I’m always like “Well, what if I don’t like it? What if it leaves a bad taste in my mouth?” or something dumb like that.

    On YouTube for one, I really love just browsing around. I often find things that I didn’t know I would like and I end up loving them. Especially in the music category. I guess, trying things online is different then trying things offline. lol

    Recently, I have found something that I love and I never thought I would. What I have found is fanlistings. I mean, join them was kinda fun. One of my friends though, told me how fun it was to join and own them. I decided to talk to another friend. This other friend said “Hey, why don’t you help me set up and run a few of mine. You can see what you think of them then.”

    I kind of hesitated but decided to accept the offer. I ended up really loving fanlistings. I even own a few of my own now! :D I never thought I would love or get into fanlistings but now… I have multiple ones! lol

    Anyways, in reply to your blog comment. I think that a wedding isn’t just about how many people are there. I just think its about how you remember it and a bit of how others remember it. I mean, it should be special and unique; big or small wedding. it sound be unique to only you and your husband.

    That’s just my opinion in it though. :) I think that the day should be yours. :3

  43. Sutaru says:

    Aha! I tried to comment on your last post, but for some reason, this form never showed up. It’s probably this internet, it’s always acting up. It’s great that you have friends that allow you to experience new things. I often make friends with whom I only have one thing in common, and they often recommend music or experiences to me that, like you said, enrich my life. Honestly, I can’t say I feel any more cultured or intelligent for having been exposed to Family Guy, and it’s still not a show I watch very often, but every now and then, I’ll stop and think about Family Guy in a different way, considering how foreigners who watch the show may not culturally understand the differences between truth humor and satire.

    Sometime around high school or middle school, I started listening to Evanescence. I’ve always kind of liked bands with meaningful lyrics or moving music. When my sister, two years behind me, started high school, she started listening to Indie music, which I hated. I don’t know why, I didn’t think of it as music. It literally sounded like noise to me. Yet the more I listened to it, and the more I was exposed to it, the more accustomed I became to it and I also found a few bands such as Snow Patrol and Muse that I still like now, but really hated back then. So yes, the people we subject ourselves to are an amazing gift to our lives. :P

  44. Georgina says:

    Inspiration really is everywhere. I also have a few friends who I share nothing in common with, but that means we have endless things to talk about. I also thought my best friend and I had so many things in common but it turns out that we don’t. Over the years we’ve grown up to be very different people but we’re still just as close, which I find really special. :)

    I’m a bit like a sponge too. I’m a bit too daring, I have to try everything. It’s nice to have that kind of outlook on life though. I have a friend who seems downright miserable because he sees events as things that will no longer matter in future… yes, far too sad for my liking.

    I don’t know if I’ve discovered anything new but a lot of times I’ve been so wrong about things, and judged them without trying it out first… like metal music. I used to just say it sucked, but now I love it. I’ve also found some new music that is more poppy than the rock I usually listen to. :)

  45. Aileen says:

    That’s an amazing attitude, you have. I’m jealous of you in a way, probably because I’m very far from spontaneous myself. I feel much more comfortable in familiar situations and I dislike adjusting to new ones.

    I do understand what you said about having friends who are different to you. I love my group of friends, and there’s no way my life would be as fun and interesting as it is without the variety of personalities I spend my time with.

    I love QI, it’s so funny. And I listened to The Pretty Reckless album recently. I had my reservations but it’s fair to say Taylor Momsen has talent. I’m just against a band which is centred around only one person.

    I’m not sure what I’ve discovered is new, but I have recently felt like I’ve discovered myself, at least another part of myself. I just recently came to the realisation of what direction my academic life is heading. After being unsure for so long, it’s nice to feel like I have an answer. :)

  46. Holly says:

    I wish that in the past I was the type of person who takes every opportunity. Instead I’m now regretting not doing certain things. I hope to say yes to every opportunity I get in the future.

    :O QI is the best! I’ve learned more from QI than school or college.

  47. Katy says:

    Sometimes I wish that my friends and I WERE more like me, in the context of hobbies and interests but then I guess your point of view makes a lot more sense too. It’s great being surrounded by people from all walks of life and doing different things so that we can all share our experiences with each other.