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Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Few days ago I visited a Northern-Asian restaurant called Gaijin with a group of friends. Gaijin is located in the very heart of Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been to japanese, chinese and korean restaurants before but this was something else. The restaurant is relatively small but the interiors are beautiful and dark – very modern. I can’t say enough good things about the service that we got. It was tuesday evening and oddly enough the restaurant was packed (I can’t imagine how hectic it must be during a friday or saturday to be working there!) but still everything went smoothly and we felt right at home – because of the wonderful restaurant staff. Oh, and how was the food? Absolutely amazing! We took the Gaijin “tasting menu” which meant “little bit of everything” (9 courses to be exact). So many different flavours and textures. And each time when we were finished with the tastings, the next course just magically appeared into our table. Talk about exact timing! My favorite dish must have been the “Pork Bun” (top-middle-picture).

I’m glad my foody-friend felt obligated to take these photos of the food (she borrowed my camera, which I carry everywhere with me).  While editing these pictures I couldn’t help but think of Pigged-Out – Leona’s food blog which I’ve been browsing (& drooling) over the past couple of years. I’ll definately get some pointers from her when I travel to Australia and am in the mood for something else than..well.. McDonalds-level “food”.

My beautiful pink drink “Shinjuku Lover“. I can’t say anything negative about this place. If you’re ever (a Gaijin) in Finland and are in the mood for something totally non-european – find this place!

This is a busy weekend for me. Just came home from a movienight at a friend’s house (it’s afternoon now) and I better start making myself ready for tonight when we’re going to make Sushi with some of my old co-workers. And tomorrow it’s time to meet some high school friends. Good times, busy times! But I need it. Too many plans and ideas about my future are circling in my head and I just need a break from thinking for a sec.

What’s your favorite food?