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24 is not a number

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s my 24th birthday today. When I was 23 I thought that was the most perfect age to be..ever. But so far this first day after being 24 years on this planet hasn’t been too bad. In fact, the last months of 23 and future months of 24 look to be very interesting.

I wrote on New Year’s how my life changed SO much last year. 2011 has not brought as many spectacular changes (or perhaps that still remains to be seen), but 2012 definately will. So I try my best to enjoy the Autumn, and wait for the Spring and Summer. Trying to gather up my thoughts and plans for the future – graduating, traveling..

24 is not a number, it’s something completely different – like a state of mind. Christmas Eve is on the 24th and in Finland that is the “magical evening” of christmas when we got to open our xmas packages as kids. So I hope this year will be “magical” for me. And if this year is the “December 24th” of my life then it means that December 31st and the “new year” or rather a “new chapter in my life” is just around the corner. Sweet!

I’d like to share an idea for you guys – well actually some inspiration that I read from thoughtcatalog.

We spend much of our lives practicing our social skills and we’ve been conditioned, in some ways, to think that there’s a time and a place for everything we could possibly want to say. We’re concerned about how others might react if we let them know how we feel in what we perceive as the wrong context. So we hold it all in. And, as a result, we will never say the wrong thing at the wrong time—we will never have moments of awkwardness. We can avoid those moments that can seem devastating when they happen…

But we also miss out on the chance to connect with people. We miss out on the chance to tell others how they’ve affected our lives. We miss out on the chance that they might feel the same way about us. There are so many things that we choose to keep to ourselves; things that we’re sometimes dying to share with others and… I don’t know, I just think that it’s a tragedy that we choose not to. And I think it’s a tragedy that this choice is almost a knee-jerk reaction because we live in a society where we prefer to be ignorant if the truth doesn’t confirm something we already want to hear.

Don’t miss out on your opportunities. Do, say/speak/tell & live!
Have you got any big plans/dreams for the “near” future?