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Words have been drained from this pencil…

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Oh lookie what I got yesterday alongside with my Non-no magazine! Hello Kitty earplugs for my..well, player. I do not have an iPod. I have a Creative ZEN player that my dad bought from The States a few years back. Actually, he is going to travel there again soon for a week. I wonder what he will bring me this time. Oh, wait! I’m an adult now. I don’t even live at home anymore. Why should he bring me anything? :D I guess I’m still a daddy’s girl at heart. I feel like I am more like him than my mom, by nature. How do you feel about you and your parents?

Magazine freebie gifts are wonderful! If they’re good quality.

January is almost over. This means that February is just around the corner and that means the Valentines Day “hype”. Though I have the feeling it has already begun as I see heart balloons and chocolate already been sold at the stores. As a non-american Valentines Day does not mean anything special to me. I have probably explained this a hundred and one times but in finnish the february 14th is called “Friendship Day”. As kids we used to give our closest friends cards or little gifts. Nowadays, as an adult, if you are being a good boyfriend, you maybe give your girlfriend some sort of a cute teddy bear or chocolate. But, I guess it’s the finnish culture (or the men in my circle of friends) hardly anyone really aknowledges the day being nothing but ordinary. Unless you’ve been together only a few months and are still at that wonderful dreamy phase of the relationship. So, for me, I am trying to cover the “Boohoo, no one will give me a fluffy teddy bear or a box of chocolates this year :(!” by having a positive attitude towards the day. I might buy myself a little treat on that day. Hey, no one’s gonna love you unless you love yourself ;)!

By the way, the title refers to this song by Evanescence. It’s from their very old unpublished album full of demos.

How do you feel about Valentines Day?

Bunnies all over the place

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Last week I went to a japanese store to buy a rice cup (pink with bunnies and flowers on it). It’s something I’ve had my eye on for some time now. It was not expensive but I tend not to want to buy “useless” stuff. But I figured, I’d store some candy or other things in it as I tend to eat my rice & other on the same plate, not from various different cups. ANYWAYS I also bought “cup noodles”. You know those instant noodles in a cup to which you only pour some water, wait for 3 minutes and they’re done. Well, I was amazed how YUMMY they tasted. I usually buy my noodles from a normal finnish grocery store and those just taste like nothing. And when adding the extra spice/oil whatever bag that they come with the noodles just taste bad. So I was truly surprised how yummy the cup noodles tasted in comparison. Or maybe I was just really hungry.

Today I got some nice mail again. An adorable New Year’s card from a friend in Japan. I actually don’t know how it became so that I am all “gaga” for bunnies. I do not want to own a bunny in real life, nor do I think they’re any cuter than let’s say a puppy. Somehow items, cards etc. with bunnies on them are just ADORABLE. I guess it’s similar to Hello Kitty-fans. They love the character, but they’re not all very “cat-people”.

Oh, yes the other thing that I got was a slip from the post office to go and get a package. Yay! This was something I ordered around christmas time as a little gift to myself. The complete DVD of the korean tv-series “You’re Beautiful”. I actually had been thinking about this for ages… but the problem was that I wanted the version with the english subtitles, and the dvd area code was 3. In Finland the area code is 2. Aaaand the dvd boxset (made for japan) with area code 2, did not include english subtitles. A bit of a dilemma, right? Well, it all came together as just before christmas by old dvd player signed itself off. Not a surprise as it was the very first dvd player my family ever bought (and that was like..uhm..10 years ago?). So, I went out and bought a decent priced bluray/dvd player AND…tadaa, cracked the dvd-areacode thingy on it. Now it plays all area dvds!!! *nerdish snicker* Actually making your dvd player area code free is very easy (depending on the brand). I simply just entered a “code number” via the remote control – and that was it!

Anyways, now I’m off to watch a few episodes of You’re Beautiful. Unfortunately I’ve got a few exams coming up this week and next week so I am not able to have a full “marathon”, sitting in pajamas, eating pizza and staring at the screen non-stop. Oh well, the life of an adult is so unfair ;)!