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And what a night it was…

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Hey-oo! It happened to be my birthday on tuesday and this year it happened to be an extra fun one. Usually I have a birthday party where I invited all my friends over. This year I had to hold a housewarming party and decided to make it a housewarming/bday party. So actually, we celebrated my birthday at the very beginning of September, with my friends.

However. On monday the 20th, a day before my birthday, me and my lovely friend T went out to try some Korean cuisine – to Korea House, Finland’s only Korean restaurant. The food was good. Nothing too special (or different from chinese food) but it was exciting to try kimchi. It was…interesting to say the least. Very spicy or…well, difficult to describe but it was definately burning my throat as it went down… ;)

Before eating we went to Purikura Photobooth place to take some lovely photos of ourselves. Very much an “asian” day for us!

As for desert we decided to go to Fazer Café. Yummylicious (but expensive) coffee shop where we got a special kind of Marianne Hot Chocolate (Marianne = Mint Chocolate Candy) and huge slices of rasberry chocolate cake. Yum! Needless to say we felt pretty full and SWEET after eating all of that!

On my actual birthday (Sep.21st) after I had survived a boring morning at school I decided to stay overnight at my parents’ house. I know they didn’t have anything special planned for me but I wanted to plan something special for them – and so I baked a cake.

As I am typing this, I am still at my parents’ house. I’m sick with the flu. I’ve been feeling really tired for a week now but yesterday evening the actual “flu” part really kicked in. Got a box of tissues beside me and I am aching all over. It’s not fun being sick. Not one bit.

A morning in the life of…

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Good Day to you all! Today I woke up in the morning feeling absolutely tired, felt like I didn’t get much sleep during the night. Yesterday it felt like the flu is going to come and get me, so that might have affected my quality of sleep. Deciding to stay at home for the day I let myself fall asleep again and snooze for an hour or so.

After I finally got myself out of bed I made some coffee and started doing homework and reading material for my school courses – not wanting the whole day to go to waste ;) After I finished with the boring’old computer science stuff I start setting up my camera for some more polymer clay tutorials when I hear the doorbell ring. Oh great! I think to myself. With lovely pink pajama pants on, black MCR hoodie and unwashed messy hair tied up to a lose bun I run to the door and end up receiving a package from the postman.

My birthday is coming up in one week (September 21st to be exact) and my penpal of 8 years sent me a package full of lovely gifts from Japan, where she’s from. Adorableness! I mean, who doesn’t love getting surprise bday presents in the mail?

Tomorrow I have no school, so a completely free friday day. I think I will go and visit my parents’ and stay there for the weekend. On saturday I have plans with my mom to go shopping. And on saturday evening I am finally going to see Inception, with a friend. Might throw in a couple of Frozen Strawberry Margaritas aswell, who knows ;)

What are your plans for the weekend?

Pants on the ground

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Quick update 9/13: The commenting didn’t work before, thank you Meredith for letting me know! I’ve fixed it now and you are able to post comments again.

School is starting again, well, University studies. Going to start my first year as a Masters Degree student. Oh the joys of learning more in-depth information about databases, programming and software projects. I think I just have the “end of the vacation” blues. I am excited to go back to school, but perhaps have forgotten how much hard work and time it takes. That combined with my part time job.. Well, needless to say I won’t be having much of a personal life :D Which is fine, for now.

Don’t you feel like when you say “I don’t have time for dating!” that just means that you haven’t found “the one”. I mean, when you find someone who..completes you, everything just “clicks”. There is time. You make it work. Things just click. Or is it just me who thinks that way? Have I been watching too many romantic movies lately? Tell me what you think. Do things just “work out”, or do you have to “make an effort”. Oh and by the way this has nothing to do with the title of my blog post :D! Read the very last segment if you want the title to make sense.

The other day I bought my first pair of UGGs. Now, I have been eyeing these shoes for few years now. Last winter, when my winter shoes were falling apart I went to the stores and tried out numerous UGGs and other shoes. I told myself I wouldn’t really need a pair, as spring was just around the corner (not to mention how expensive UGGs can be!). So, last weekend I was browsing the stores with my mom when we came upon the UGGs section again. Yes, I tried on a pair. I tried on another pair. I tried on different colors and textures of UGGs. And found the perfect pair. They felt like heaven for my feet. I smiled, and said “Yup. They’re great! Anyways, too expensive. Let’s move on :)”. And my mom was all like “No, no, get those! It’s not like you buy them out of impulse. You’ve been thinking about them all year!” Yes, true. So… uhm..say hello to my very first pair of UGGs!

On an endnote. If you’ve watched American Idol you must remember the “Pants on the Ground” guy, right? Well, it so happens that a cool japanese bassist (who’s played for hide & gackt) has made a japanese punk version of the song. Now it’s stuck in my head. Listen to it on the background of Chirolyn’s official website. P-p-p-p-pick ‘em up!