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Room vs. Appartment

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

As I am sitting here in my parents’ house, in my soon-to-be old room… I look around. I see my books. My bed’s still here, my desk’s still here. Thank goodness my laptop’s still here. I have many nice memories from this room. Though, I am not a very “room-sentimental” person because during my lifetime we’ve moved houses three times. My “room” is my STUFF. Not the walls or the windows. My walls are and will always be white, in every room and house I shall live in. So, my old room still has its bed and desk and some other furniture. I think it’s a lovely idea that I can come here, to my parents’ house, and crash for a bit when I’ve got the flu or am feeling otherwise lonely. But I am already longing to move in to my appartment, live there, sit there, laugh and cry there. That’s where all my stuff is at right now, my TV, my CDs, my DVDs.. my life. This room feels strange now. Like I’m not supposed to be here anymore. I’m supposed to be at my appartment. And that’s hopefully where I’ll be in couple of days time.

Most of the furniture in my very own first appartment are my brother’s old things (from his student years). This is good because I happen to like dark wood and black furniture (which all males seem to purchase for their appartments and rooms, right?). Yeah, I’m not a dude but I love the darkness. I spice it up with a couple of pink pillows, a white coffee table and lavender scented candels. Oh wow, now it looks like a chick actually lives there!

I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life.
ps. Photos coming soon!