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Pizza is yum, yum!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

My brother came home from his three week “tour de la Asia” so we decided to order some pizza. I always order the Bolognese pizza (meat), because it is the most simple one. Once at a restaurant they didn’t have the bolognese one so I ordered something that included ham, pineapples, shrimp… needless to say I felt awful after eating just half of it. I mean, pizza is a heavy food on its own – but to include something as calory heavy as shrimp… my vains were popping, or getting blocked.

Sorry, that’s an awful visual image.

It’s friday night and I am sitting at home, doing homework, watching TV. I have the whole weekend off from work which is unheard of. I have no idea what to do! Go shopping? Sure! Actually, I only have few weeks left of my current job at a video store (where I have been working for years now). I had a job interview for an IT-company last week, and got accepted! So I am starting in a few weeks. It is sad to leave a job that I love. But it’s also a nice change not to be working weekends or nights.

I’ll leave you with words that were drawn by hand in beautiful kanji (calligraphy) on a sheet of handmade and handpainted paper (artwork) that my brother got me from Asia.

Use your heart
and try your best.

Comment & anwser
- Are you excited about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver? Yes! I am currently watching the European Figure skating championships and can’t wait for the Olympic ones! Not to mention the Ice Hockey games!
- Are you “Team Coco”? I am, I am!

Nobody, nobody, until you…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I just had my very first 3D experience. I saw Avatar and, wow, it was beautiful. Definately not as bad as some reviews have said it would be. I especially loved the scenes with little glittery sprinkles floating down on the screen. Magical. The 3D glasses though, were not comfortable at all. I had little red marks on both sides of my nose after the movie.

Christmas went very well. My brother left for a three week travel around Asia with a few of his mates. However on new year’s eve there was some sad news in the city I live in. Also my brother got into a small accident in Asia. Now, however, everything is well again.

During the holiday weeks I have kept myself entertained by watching various (short) TV series. I watched a 6 episode long “Pride and Prejudice”, featuring Colin Firth. Then I watched a 16 episode long korean drama called “You’re Beautiful” (click for a beautiful fanvid!), and fell in love with the story, music and fine actors. I have never been into japanese anime except for the Miyazaki movies, and I have never seen any japanese dramas (j-dramas as they are called). But because of You’re Beautiful I think I’m going to start watching more japanese and korean dramas. You can watch them online with english subtitles.


Two more weeks until school starts again. The final strech until I get my bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Have you seen a 3D movie?
What is your current TV show obsession?