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On music and movies

Monday, October 26th, 2009

On a recent blog entry I wrote about my autograph collection. For those who inquired how they could get an autograph from someone they admire – here is a tutorial.

Anyone going to see Michael Jackson’s This is It? I am! Infact after tomorrow I will have the whole rest of the week off from Uni, so I am planning to catch up with some friends and it appears that I have three movie nights ahead of me. We were thinking of Julie&Julia, This Is It and Fame (remember, I just adore musicals :D!) Also, if anyone has not yet seen the spectacular Inglourious Basterds – you absolutely must! Unless you are underaged, in which case. I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble by advicing 10-year olds to watch a movie full of fun violence and odd Tarantino humor.

One thing that makes me smile this evening, is that as I browsed through my tiny autograph collection for the tutorial, I came upon an autograph I had received from Dan Aykroyd. The Blues brothers (2000) had such an impact on my life (it is one of those movies that me and my dad both love, the performances, songs and performers are the top! Not to mention that strange incident when a couple of summers back we went to a Lauryn Hill concert and ended up seeing Jonny Lang, also in the movie, as a warm up performer). Some of you know that I play the bass. So when Mr. Aykroyd sent me an autograph with his signature and the phrase “Rock the blues, Elwood †” it totally lifted my spirit. And still makes me happy.

I’ll try, Elwood! ps. Click here to watch Dan Aykroyd, Jonny Lang and the whole gang perform a fun song!

Day full of Twilight

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Twilight. I think it is mandatory to mention that word at least in one blog post. Whether it is to talk about how much you love the book series, or how much you hate them. Or how you have not read them. Or how the movie is so much suckier than the book. Or how Robert Pattinson is soooo dreamy. Or how he is SO not hot. My “relationship” with Twilight is a tricky one. I have read the first three books. I have seen the first movie. I think the books are wonderful (just not as wonderful as Harry Potter) and the movie was ..a great accidental comedy. However, I have high hopes for the upcoming 2nd movie.

The fourth book was released in Finland yesterday. Today I went to pick it up and to my surprise I also got a little extra gift – a button! I had to choose between I <3 Bella, I <3 Edward and I <3 Jacob.

My book & button!
Yes, I got the Jacob one!

Moments ago, when I got home, I noticed a tiny little envelope between all the bills and other mail. Now, I have to explain you something. For a couple of years I have been “collecting” celebrity autographs. I send them a fanletter and sometimes get an signed autograph from them. So far my collection has such autographs as Ian McKellen, John Travolta, Robin Williams, Tim Allen, Ewan McGregor and Mark Wahlberg – just to name a few. Ok, so I immediately noticed that this envelope was one of those envelopes which would inhold an autograph. But from whom…?

Autograph collection grows!
Whoopsie, I guess I should have chosen the I <3 Edward button instead… Xxx

Who dares to love forever?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

In the world there are some things that can be considered to be facts. As in “a statement that can, at least in theory, be checked and confirmed” like the wonderful wizard of wikipedia so eloquently puts it. One universal fact could be that the earth, globe, world – is round. Although previously people have believed that the world is flat, and still there is the question of – is the world a perfectly round shaped or not.

Where was I? Right, facts! The fact of the matter is.. I love musicals. I adore musicals. I worship musicals. I live and breathe musicals. I wish my life was a musical (in fact that and exactly that, is the name of a facebook group I have joined). Recently I came upon a recorded stage version of We Will Rock You, the queen musical (orginal London cast). I have been watching it, listening to the soundtrack, and watching all kinds of material on YouTube and elsewhere of this fantastic musical rock concert.

A year ago I & the family traveled to London for a mini vacation. My number one priority was to go and see a real West End musical (just one, because the shows are expensive – if I’d had my way, we would have seen at least three musicals!). My second thing to cross of my list of things to do was to go to the Disney store. Third was to make a little trip to a HMV store and hope that I would not use all of my money in there…(I actually ended up purchasing about 10 albums, but my excuse was – they were on sale!) Ok, again I am getting sidetracked here. So, musicals. We decided to see Wicked, since it was one of those musicals which haven’t yet reached Finland’s stages – and of which I had only heard of because a friend had sent me a (US) soundtrack a couple of years before.

Wicked is shown at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, in London. Which is right next to another theatre -The Dominion Theatre. What musical plays at The Dominion? WE WILL ROCK YOU. When we went to see Wicked, we also saw the wonderful golden statue of Freddie Mercury above The Dominion Theatre marquee. You see where I am going with this? We Will Rock You is now, currently, the no.1 musical I want to see. Sure, I’ve seen the spectacular videotaped version (a rehersal tape recording for new cast members) of it with the wonderful Tony Vincent as the leading man. But nothing truly beats seing a musical live. Feeling the music. The atmosphere.

So, I guess what I am trying to explain is that I want to plan another trip to London!!! <3