What will 2013 make of me? January 8th, 2013

At the end of 2011 I had a “clear” vision on what 2012 would be like. I had plans and I took steps to make them happen. During Spring 2012 I started working on my masters thesis, I visited a friend in Japan – and I kept planning my awesome upcoming adventure to Australia. During summer I did the finishing touches on the thesis, and did some final planning for my upcoming downunder trip.

2012 definately was, in a way, a year of growth. After coming back from Australia I found out I had graduated. I also felt like I had grown so much from – not only the traveling but the planning of it. I guess it’s true what they say: “Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination”. Most of 2012 was just that for me – a happy journey. And then when everything was finally done – life felt empty.


All of the stress that should have been equally distributed along the days and months of 2012 actually accumulated to the end of the year. I felt the pressure of trying to ‘settle down’ again – find a full-time job, get my act together.

And so here I am. It’s 2013. I’ve got that full-time job. No more school. No more thrifting around. I’ve got lot of ‘little’ things planned for the spring (concerts, shows, new hobbies). But I’m still longing for -something more-. And it’s up to me to get into that “happy place” again where I was at most of 2012. It just takes a little bit of courage – to break out of the mold of a life that a 25 year old ‘should’ live.

What are your plans for 2013?
Got any advice for me?

That darn Australia (part 2/2) October 19th, 2012

Read the first blog post here.

So, from Aug 1st to Sep 6th I traveled around Australia’s east coast. Did I mention I did it completely alone? It was a big step to take but it was something I had been planning to do for a long time. To kind of prove to myself that I can make it on my own. And I could. It was an amazing experience and I also met some amazing people on the way. Anyways, back to the story…

So the first 2 weeks I spent traveling from Cairns all the way to Sydney. When I arrived in Sydney I instantly felt like home. And the feeling got stronger as the days went by. While I was only spending 1-2 nights in a particular city during the first 2 weeks of my trip, here in Sydney I stayed for 10 days. It was lovely to stay at one place (Wake-up hostel, totally loved it!) and get to know every street and where everything was. I usually woke up at 6am and went to get some breakfast to a Gloria Jean’s nearby where they also had free Wi-Fi.

For the whole trip my bedtimes were very.. weird. I honestly felt sooo tired during the evenings that I went to bed around 8 or 9. And then as a result of it woke up around 6-7. I blame the snorkling, farm-life and surf camp for this weird sleeping pattern. The trips always begun so early in the morning that you had to get up around 6 each day.

I did a lot of walking in Sydney. I walked up and down George St. and Pitt St. every single day. To the Opera house and back. Why? Well there’s so much to see and.. well during the mornings it’s boring anyways. The shops open around 10, so after breakfast I really didn’t have anything else to do but walk around (and wait for my backpacker friends to wake up so we could go & see some sights). I actually lost a little bit of weight during my one month away. But that’s because I was very strict about what I was eating for lunch and dinner (however the breakfast blueberry muffins, starbucks caramel hot chocolates and just overall delicious cadbury’s chocolate bars were a regular go-to for me between meals).

After the 10 days I took a bus from Sydney to Melbourne. The trip lasted for 14hours with a few stops. I was quite happy with my little travel snacks & iPod and so the trip went quickly. Also the bus driver was very friendly and funny (thanks Greyhound!).

When I arrived to my hostel in Melbourne (Base, St. Kilda) I immediately noticed it was a party hostel. And quite far away from the Melbourne City center where I traveled to by tram every single day (except one sunday because it was father’s day in australia and also St. Kilda’s market was on). I was sick with a flu for the whole 10 days I spent in Melbourne so possibly because of that it wasn’t my favorite place of all. I loved the art scene and relaxed nature of it.. but for me Sydney felt so much more like home.

And so.. when it was my time to fly home I was happy to do so. I was already missing my mom’s cooking. But I was also missing Australia. I wanted to see more. I saw plenty. But I didn’t see it all. And so.. I’d love to go back again. Maybe my next trip will be around Asia, not Australia, but I will definately want to visit the land down under again <3

That darn Australia (part 1/2) October 5th, 2012

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. And no I didn’t get lost in Australia. Things just have been very hectic since I came back. I graduated so I have to sort out all the things included with that (like securing a full time job). Anyways, I was in Australia from Aug 1st to Sep 6th – traveling down the east coast from Cairns all the way to Melbourne.

This first part will be about Queensland. When I first arrived to Cairns after 2 flights (and 12 hours in Tokyo airport! Good thing they had a lovely airport shopping mall there..) it was 6am and I took a taxi to my designated hostel. As you might know hostel rooms are available usually during the afternoon but I took a shot at it and went there anyways. Turns out luck was on my side – there was a completely empty dorm room and I was allowed to check in immediately. I hit the shower and went straight to bed for a few hours.

For the first 2 weeks of my trip I was traveling around like a maniac. In two weeks I traveled from Cairns to Sydney. And between those two weeks visited places like Cairns, The Whitsundays, Emu Park, Kroombit Park, Fraser Island, Brisbane, Noosa, Byron Bay, Crescent Head. I had plenty of fun snorkeling on the great barrier reef and trying to learn how to surf at the Crescent Head Surf Camp. After the lovely sun-filled 2 weeks I arrived in Sydney. And I’ll tell you more about my big city adventures in the next blog post.

PS. Weirdly enough I didn’t see any scary spiders or snakes. I saw a few tiny little spiders and a small shark & stingray. But that’s it. Australia wasn’t such a scary place afterall…